Gear Hobbers

Gear hobber KOMSOMOLEC 5K32P

Gear hobber KOMSOMOLEC 5K32P. Made in 1975. Manufacturer: KOMSOMOLEC. Max. diameter of the gear wheel: 800 mm; Max. module: 10 mm; Min. number of teeth: 12

Vertical gear hobbing machine 53A80H

Vertical gear hobbing machine 53A80H. Manufacturer: KOMSOMOLEC. Made in: Russia. Max. wheel diameter: 800 mm; Max. module: 10; Min. module: 8; Table diameter: 630 mm; Max. dimensions of the installed hob: -length: 200 mm, -diameter: 200 mm; Max. vertical movement of the support: 400 mm

Gear hobbing machine MODUL ZFWZ 630

Gear hobbing machine MODUL ZFWZ 630 made in 1982, Germany. Wheel diameter: -Max.: 710 mm; -Min.: 630 mm; Gear width: 400 mm; Module:; -Max.: 10; -Min.: 1

Gear hobber WAHLI Type 90

Gear hobber WAHLI Type 90. Distance between centers: 80 mm; Max. length of milling: 50 mm; Max. diameter of work-piece: 40 mm; Module of gear wheel: 0,05-1; Milling teeth number: 6-200

Gear hobber PFAUTER P1250

Gear hobber PFAUTER P1250. Max. gear diameter: 1250 mm; Module: 12; Hobbing length: 585 mm; Cone milling spindle: Morse 5; Distance between spindle axis and axis table: -Max.: 737 mm, -Min.: 60 mm

Gear hobber WAHLI Type 92

Gear hobber WAHLI Type 92. Max. diameter of work-piece: 35 mm; Max. gear wheel width: 15 mm; Max. module: 0.5; Milling teeth number: 6-200; Max. gear hob diameter: 24 mm; Max. travel of tailstock spindle: 10 mm

Gear hobber LORENZ F600

Gear hobber LORENZ F600. YOM: 1981. Max. module: 6/8; Max. diameter: 600 mm; Max. table load: 1.000 kg; Machinery dimensions: 2420 x 1300 x 1910 mm; Total weight 6 tons

Vertical gear hobbing machine LIEBHERR L902

Vertical gear hobbing machine LIEBHERR L902. Max. wheel diameter: 900 mm; Gear width: 600 mm; Max. module: 10 / 12; Table diameter: 710 mm; Table hole: 160 mm; Dividing plate diameter: 575 mm

Gear hobbing machine MODUL ZFWZ 5000

Gear hobbing machine MODUL ZFWZ 5000. Work-piece diameter: -Max.: 5000 mm; -Min.: 1525 mm; Max. module: 40; Max. gear width: 1000 mm; Max. cutter diameter: 350 mm

Vertical high precision gear hobber KOLOMNA mod. 5343 PF2

Vertical high precision gear hobber KOLOMNA mod. 5343 PF2 made in 1994. Diameter of work-piece: 500-3200 mm; Max module: 30; Max. workpiece weight: 40000 kg

Gear hobbing machine ZFWZ 800x10/2

Gear hobbing machine ZFWZ 800x10/2. YOM: 1972. Max. wheel diameter: 800 mm; Max. gear width: 410 mm; Max. module: 10; Max. hob diameter: 195 mm; Table diameter: 700 mm; Turning speed range: 40-280 U/min

High-speed gear hobber WMW ZFWZ-315

High-speed gear hobber WMW ZFWZ-315. Max wheel diameter: 315 mm; Gear width: 280 mm; Max module: 8; Angle of teeth: 45 degrees; Feeds axial: 280 mm; Shifting: 140 mm; Clamping area: 445 mm

Gear hobbing machine KOLOMNA KU250

Gear hobbing machine KOLOMNA KU250. Manufacturer: Kolomna. Made in: Russia. Max work-piece diameter: 20000 mm; Min work-piece diameter: 8100 mm; Max central angle of a work-piece: 45 degrees; Max work-piece weight: 50 ton

Gear hobbing machine MODUL ZFWZ 3150x30I

Machine is complete with change gear boxes, tail stock and replaceable heads. Country of Origin: Germany Manufacturer: Veb Modul. Max diameter without the holder: 3150 mm; Min width of a tooth: 1000 mm module 30

Gear hobber KOLOMNA 546M

Gear hobber KOLOMNA 546M made in 1983. Country of origin: Russia. Manufacturer: Kolomna. Condition: very good. Max working piece diameter: 5000 mm; Min working piece diameter: 2250 mm; Max module for very exact gear: 16; Max module ordinary: 40