Roll Grinders

Heavy-duty roll grinding machine FARREL GIUSTINA TT 16x8

Heavy-duty roll grinding machine FARREL GIUSTINA TT 16x8. YOM: 1975. Max. work-piece diameter over bed: 508 mm; Max. grinding diameter with a new wheel: 407 mm; Diameter of a new wheel: 700 mm

Roll grinding machine XSH5-06M

Roll grinding machine XSH5-06M. Work-piece diameter: 2000 mm; Work-piece length: 12000 mm; Work-piece weight: up to 60000 kg; Height of centers: 670 mm; Longitudinal carriage travel: 11000 mm

Roll grinding machine HSH5-05

Roll grinding machine HSH5-05 made in Ukraine. Machine is designed for external cylindrical grinding and for grinding of conical, convex and concave surfaces of rolls and shafts. Max. work-piece length: 8000 mm; Max. diameter: 1600 mm

Roll grinding machine 3417B

Roll grinding machine 3417B. Max. work-piece length: 6000 mm; Max. diameter: 1500 mm; Height of centers over the bed: 820 mm; Max. work-piece weight: 40 tons; Min. convex or concave of the processed surface: 1 mm