CNC Vertical machining center CINCINNATI MILACRON ARROW 750

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CNC Vertical machining center CINCINNATI MILACRON ARROW 750
YOM: 1997
Manufacturer: Cincinnati Milacron LTD
Made in: England


CNC System
Model and type: CINCINNATI ACRAMATIC A2100
Number of Contouring axes: X, Y, Z

Axis travel ranges, X-Y-Z
Longitudinal (table, X-axis): 762 mm
Cross (saddle, Y-axis): 510 mm
Vertical (spindle carrier, Z-axis): 510 mm
Range, spindle gauge line to work surface:
 -Min.: 127 mm
 -Z-axis max.: 637 mm

Table, X-axis
Work surface dimensions:
 -Length: 950 mm
 -Width: 520 mm
Load capacity: 455 kg

Spindle carrier, Z-axis
AC drive motor (continuous rated): 3,7 kW
Spindle speed range (standard): 60-6000 rpm
Number of speeds: 1 rpm increment, infinitely variable)
Tool holder type: #40 ISO 7388/1-1983

Linear axis feedrates and thrust
Feedrates (X, Y and Z): 12000 mm/min
Rapid traverse rate (X, Y and Z): 16000 mm/min
Axis thrust (duty rated):
 -X: 2 kN
 -Y: 2 kN
 -Z: 7 kN

Uni-directional positioning per linear axis over full travel: ±0,004 mm
Uni-directional repeatability per linear axis over full travel: ±0,001 mm

Automatic storage/changer unit
Storage capacity, number of tools: 21
Tool selection method: random by programmed tool identification number
Max. tool and holder weight: 6,8 kg
Max. tool drum load: 68 kg
Max. tool length: 305 mm
Tool diameter (adjacent pockets full): 80 mm
Tool diameter (adjacent pockets empty): 160 mm
Automatic tool change time (metal to metal): 8 sec

Electrical power requirement
Spindle drive unite (max. 30 mins): 9 kVA
Axis drive units (including 4th axis): 3 kVA
Tool drum motor: 50 VA
Standard coolant pump: 0,65 kVA
Control gear: 0,75 kVA

Machine weight/floor space
Approx. machine net weight: 3300 kg
Max. overall machine height (standard Z-axis): 2700 mm
Overall floor space:
 -Width: 2780 mm
 -With swarf trays out - width: 2780 mm
 -Depth: 2770 mm

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