Mechanical crank press KD2330

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Mechanical crank press KD2330
YOM: 1987
Manufacturer: Kalinin Plant
Made in: Russia
Quantity: 2 units
Nominal press effort: 1000 kN
Slide stroke adjustable: 10-130 mm
Number of continuous slide strokes: 100 min-1
Number of single slide strokes: at least 55 min-1
Distance adjustment between table and slide: 100 mm
Max. distance between table and slide in its lower position at max. stroke: 400 mm
Table dimensions, right-to-left: 950 mm
Table dimensions, front-to-back: 630 mm
Distance between slide axis and bed: 340 mm
Distance between bed columns in daylight: 400 mm
Bolster plate thickness: 100 mm
Tilt angle of bed: 10°, 20°, 30°
Press dimensions, right-to-left: 1745 mm
Press dimensions, front-to-back: 2360 mm
Height: 3180 mm
Press weight without pneumocushion: 9200 kg
Designed for various cold stamping operations: punching, cutting, shallow extract, molding, bending and other operations. Due to its versatility and the desire of many to buy a crank press of this particular type, this technical tool is used in many industries of metallurgical industry.

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